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Anonymous whispered:
Hey Rochi! Sorry if this is awkward! So, a year ago, I began this really long depression that constantly eats at my life. I self-harmed, had anxiety attacks, wanted to die at the worst parts, today it's still bad. Basically whenever I got into one of those bad times when I lost the will to try- I would always scroll through your blog to cheer myself up. I really admire your art, and look forward to seeing Reo and Kari, ect, in little sketches you make. It makes me really happy! (^.^) Thank you!

!! Don’t worry, it’s not awkward at all! I’m really really glad that my doodles and stuff inspire you to keep going! Thank you for loving my work, and I’m glad you are becoming stronger! Also, I hope your day gets better! I’ll keep you in my prayers~ *hugs* 

ambrosia-kun whispered:
*hugs you then runs away screaming imsorry*

DONT APOLOGIZE thanks for the hug lol

Anonymous whispered:
sneaks into ask box// I LOVE YOU SENPAI


but thank you!!

but i like how it emphasized hibihiyo in the ED… it was like a way of saying “thanks to these two, kagepro became what it is today”

did they change kenjirou’s shirt color to blue just to emphasize the red clips on his shirt

Anonymous whispered:
at least its not fucking 'meduka meguca' level anim

I personally think PMMM’s production level was better? I mean they had their moments where also the frames were “WTF” but they had to blow the budget on the witches and action scenes.

and mekakucity being a less-action type show, you’d think the animation would be bit more fluid? idk



I hope SHAFT stepped up their production skills for tomorrows episode

because that one frame of mary in the first episode still really bothers me///orz


mary cry.