everything jumps around this is terrible

Anonymous said: "Hi I'm sorry if this was asked before but I really love your traditional drawings with the inking! I was wondering what kind of sketchbook/paper that you use? Thank you! o(^▽^)o"

Oh I really don’t use anything special, but the current sketchbook I use is a Strathmore brand sketchbook :^)

salison replied to your post: random OCs i made today www… no story …

What a cool concept! *//o//* Love the feeling of both and their names! These two look so cute together too. Gosh, your OCs always get me gushing! You could make an art book of them all, and I’d totally buy it and drool over each page.

sAAALLLLL gosh thanks this makes me really happy cries/// (; v ; )

random OCs i made today www… no story for them because i only made them out of a mix of emotions (their names are a play on words of the word “emotion” //orz) Enoh is basically when im pissed and Shun is represents the things that calm me down

Anonymous said: "Do you not think Shintaro would be a Ravenclaw? :3"

I could see Shintaro in Ravenclaw! Since Ravenclaws are smart and knowledge-based… but I kinda imagine Shintaro as similar to Hermione? Since Hermione was bright but she was still in Gryffindor. I also put him in Gryffindor because of his hidden bravery, and I like to think that Ayano and Shintaro were in the same house www

Anonymous said: "Rochi, do you, by any chance, know where I can find the full version of Paint Tool Sai? I downloaded it like a year ago and the trial expired a few weeks ago. T^T Help."

I have no idea… I purchased Paint Tool Sai so I can’t really help.

remember when i wrote my headcanons down for kagepro x hp crossover

ill always be shinaya trash lol