missiedoodler said: "If someone were to ask you to draw for a work of theirs (like, a book cover or a game sprite or something?), would you be willing to accept? I saw Furiwo drew a few covers for someone's kagepro fan fiction, and I think you'd be good at drawing sprites for, like, a dating sim."

Only if I willing or have interest in it. I currently don’t take requests at the moment!

even tho i complain about second-hand embarrassment when it comes to having weaboo moments in RL, i realized i refer myself online with a pretty weaboo name

Doctor Suga and his nurses??? haha

i just realized when my birthday hits i no longer will be able to answer asks like “how old are you?” with “JUUHASSAI KUSSATA SHOJO”

i thought of another OC while I was at a funeral////orz (story rambling ahead)

The main guy’s name is Blaz, and he’s a Patron (a group of beings who lead lost, deranged, confused, etc. souls to Heaven…something like that haha) Blaz is really good at his job, but he runs into Soul 41 who doesn’t accept that fact that he’s dead. So basically, Blaz has to get #41 to move on. there’s like angels and demons and stuff but idk about that part yet

the goal of the story is pretty ????? idk if its even slice-of-life or a serious thing so this will be put on the side hahahaa

rooo-oot said: "oh wow i didnt know you watch haikyuu too?? i mean you were already a great kagepro artist and now now you draw haikyuu wow a++ artist"

YESSS… yes i love haikyuu sooo much i always try to do the haikyuu 69min challenges on twitter!!

but thank you!! you are too sweet o<-<