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I like Potatoes and Cats.;

after seeing my art in a book, i kinda wanna revamp my old one-shot and print it for my self-enjoyment hahaha 

after watching the tokyo ghoul anime, i think ill read the manga cause lots of people have been saying there’s some changes compared to the source material ww

Anonymous whispered:
How do you decide what clothes you give your oc??? I'm having trouble thinking of some clothes ;w;

Well the process differs from time to time, personally… like important things I keep in mind are the time period my OC is in and the fashion sense my OC has. I’d start off with that!

Anonymous whispered:
what are Lelouch's hair coloring brush setting brush *^* ~ it looks nice and smooth <333

It’s a mix of the Ink Pen tool and my Marker tool

Lelouch for kagaminejen!! Hope you like it!

ryu-no-yume whispered:
Huh hum hi... I just jumped in there to say that I love your art so so so much and wow you're awesome ;A; I love everything and I have to say that your speedpaint helped me sooo much to improve my own art so thank you (*///*)/

AHHHHH//// I’m so glad!! I should really make a new speedpaint////orz but im glad it helped!! Thank you////

Happy birthday to salison!! It’s Hotaru from her webcomic Hotarugari and i remember falling for this kid years ago////orz but yeah have a good b-day!! \(T∇T)/ go greet Sal!